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Weekly Jiu-Jitsu updates #5

Good morning all,

I hope everyone had a great weekend. For anyone celebrating Easter, I hope it was a joyful one. For our Islamic students, I know you have some major holidays coming over the next week. Likewise, I hope they are filled with love and joy for you as well. 

My weekend was fruitful. I taught a fun competition class saturday morning, then spent the evening playing table top games at a friend’s home. Sunday was spent with the family where I made cookies and my daughters made a cake. Overall, it was a great weekend for me. 

Winston Update

Winston tried out a new spot in the house this week. He learned that he can watch people come and go if he sits on the ottoman. It used to be Buster’s favorite spot when it was time for the girls to come home from school. 

Have you subscribed to the Top Level Jiu-Jitsu YouTube Channel?

This week on Professor’s Corner, I brought on Dan Pratt. We discussed the topic of “Am I Too Big For Jiu-Jitsu.” Give it a listen. 

This Week At Top Level

Kids Classes: This week the kiddos will spend time reviewing some of the stuff they’ve done over the past few weeks. We go over alot of information and want to be sure they remember it well. The next promotion day is the first Monday of June. So they have lots of time to catch up and get their moves down well. 

Adult Classes: Fundamentals class #6 is this week. We focus on Scissor sweep and the variations of it. In Open ranks we’re continuing work on float passing. This time looking to move to smashing the legs together and finish with side smash passing. 

REMINDER: THERE ARE NO CLASSES on APRIL 8th Due to the anticipated challenges surrounding the solar eclipse. All schools in the area are also closed that day. 


Upcoming Events

Breathing for Sport Performance Workshop: On April 6th from 930am to 1130am, I will be performing a workshop all about breathing. Who is this for? Literally everyone ages 11 and up. I can’t recommend it enough. The best athletes in the world do this type of training regularly. Moreover, this will teach you to develop your intercostal muscles well, which can help to prevent the many rib injuries I often see in jiu-jitsu training. It’s $20 at the door. Bring your gi and nogi stuff. We will do alot of different drills that apply directly to jiu-jitsu for this. 

DEADLINE APPROACHING: The deadline to sign up for the spring camp is in 16 days!!! We do not have that many people signed up and I want to make sure everyone who attends gets their swagbag and rashguard. If you aren’t sure about the camp, trust me, it’s worth your time. This isn’t just a “get a picture with someone famous” type of event. You’re gonna learn a ton of stuff that you’ll almost immediately be able to apply. 

It goes from May 17th through the 19th. There are options for a payment plan as well as a single day option. Register right away. Here’s the link:



Logan Hugli earned his Black Belt last week. For those of you who don’t quite understand how significant that achievement is, it takes an adult roughly 10 years of training to earn. Logan began training long ago and took a break after earning his blue belt. Then, he found me in about 2013 and has been training here ever since. 

As if that wasn’t enough, Logan has also been teaching here for a long time as well. He was an OG instructor of the 6am classes, helping to get them off the ground back around the 2017 time frame. Then he moved on to teaching evening classes more recently. He is a great human that is wonderful to be around. Congratulations, Logan!


Quote/Story of the Week

This week I’ll just leave you with a quote that has helped me through difficult and dark times. I pray it does the same for you.

“You have power over your mind; not outside events. Realize this and you will find strength.” – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


As always, if you have any comments, concerns, gripes, or complaints just shoot em’ my way. I’m always happy to help you!

See you on the mats,

Bill Jones- Head Instructor, Professor
Top Level Martial Arts

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