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Weekly Jiu-Jitsu Updates

I have a longer story for you, so I’ll keep this intro short. All I can say is that I was super impressed by the eclipse on Monday. It was way cooler than I expected. It’s up there with Haley’s Comet and Halle-Bopp (if you’re old enough to remember those).  Let’s jump right in.  Winston […]

Weekly Jiu-Jitsu updates #5

Good morning all, I hope everyone had a great weekend. For anyone celebrating Easter, I hope it was a joyful one. For our Islamic students, I know you have some major holidays coming over the next week. Likewise, I hope they are filled with love and joy for you as well.  My weekend was fruitful. […]

Weekly Jiu-Jitsu Update #4

I hope it’s been another fruitful week for everyone. For me, the week was a bit challenging, but nothing I couldn’t overcome. I think, like everyone else, I’m excited for the weather to finally break. I managed to drop 40lbs last year and I’m gonna drop another 20. For me, the winter was about maintenance. […]

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Update #3

I hope you’re all doing well this morning. It’s been a pretty low key week for me overall. I have a very minor pull in my left quadriceps that I’ve been babying for a week or so. It’s not a major problem; but I find that with age, minor problems quickly become major problems if […]

Jiu-Jitsu Weekly Update #2

Good Morning, It’s time for out second Monday morning update. I’m going to be trying some things with this newsletter. A little bit of personal information as well as stuff regarding the school. I sometimes forget that people don’t get to know me as well as when we were a 40 member school. So I’ll […]

4 Reasons Why Martial Arts is The Perfect Family Activity

If you have kids of different ages, then you know how challenging it can be to find things to do as a group. What excites your 10-year-old daughter is likely to bore your 7-year-old son – and vice versa. There’s one exception that we know of – and that’s taking martial arts classes! Studying the […]

How to tie your belt

It’s hard to be a bigger at anything! There’s always new terminology, nuances, and general stuff that you don’t know. While everyone says, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question.” Everyone is always afraid to be the one to ask. After over 35 years training martial arts and over 20 years teaching it, the […]

Safety is a priority

Top Level Martial Arts

Did you know that all of our instructors and coaches are CPR, AED, and First Aid certified? We even keep an AED on hand because it’s that important to us that you and your children are safe. God willing, we never have to use them, but it good to have the skills just in case. […]

How to change your child’s behavior

Last week I sent a message about “your job as a Jiu-Jitsu parent.” In it, I discussed actively using the Jiu-Jitsu Values Program. I reminded you that it’s important to be a part of the program and not just be the parent who drops your kid off and never really engages much. This week, I […]

How to be a jiu-jitsu parent

Your Job as a Jiu-Jitsu Parent! Jiu-Jitsu will help to build your child into a disciplined, respectful, person who demonstrates courage and integrity.  At least, that’s how the story goes, right? But how does it do this? Well… that’s where you, the parent, come in. You see, if you just slow down to 50mph, kick […]