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Be Congruent with Your Goals: Black Belt Tips Mini-cast

Good morning, everyone. I am Bill Jones, cohost of Black Belt Tips, which you can find on iTunes and Google Play. YouTube as well, at Top Level Jiu-Jitsu. I am also the owner and head instructor of Top Level Martial Arts in beautiful Downtown Cuyahoga Falls. We are your home for Gracie jiu jitsu. Back to you again today with our fourth installment of our Black Belt Tips mini-cast. This is just a quick podcast where I talk about the little things that, what I call black belts in life, do. The things that people who are successful and get what they want in life, these are the things they do, and these are the kinds of things that we try to teach your kids, and you know, help the adults who train here do.

Today, we’re going to talk about congruence. Before I get started, you know, if you like what I’m saying, guys, do me a favor. Give it a thumbs up, give it a share, give it a like, whatever. Comment below, let me know what you think. That’s the best way to kind of get some response to this.

The thing I want to talk about today is, maybe you’ve met this person. Let’s start with a kid, right? You have a kid, and he’s like, “Yeah. You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to get straight A’s this year in school.” Then, like two days later, he’s like, “Yeah, I’ll do my homework tomorrow.” They start, you know, putting things off. Maybe you’ve met that person who’s like, “You know what? I’m going to lose 50 pounds this year,” and then, you know, two days later they’re drinking a large Diet Coke and eating a Whopper and fries. They’re like, “Oh, oh. You know what? My next meal will be the one.”

People who are successful, people who are black belts in life, they don’t do those kinds of things. It’s not that they don’t have cheat days, or they don’t mess up, but it’s that they develop a goal, and then they sit down and say, “Okay, well, this is my goal.” Then, they sit down and they create a plan that is congruent with that goal. They try to make every aspect of their life congruent with that goal.

What I mean by congruent is that every action they take leads to that goal, right? If they’re trying to, let’s say, get a raise at work, they might sit down with their boss, and say, “Hey, here’s the situation. I need a raise. You know, what would be required for me to get up to the next pay level?” The boss says, “Oh, you know what? We need to take you up to a level three in order to have that, and to be a level three, I feel like you need this, this, and this.”

That person’s going to sit down, and they’re going to say, “Okay. Well, I’m probably going to have to work a couple extra hours, so where can I make that time in my schedule? They’re going to want me to do certain projects, so what do I need to learn to do that?” Then, they start making changes that lead exactly to that goal. Every aspect of their life starts pointing to it.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have more than one goal. Let’s say I personally have the goal of losing weight and getting a raise. You know, those things can go together. What I find is that successful people are the ones who are best at seeing multiple goals and figuring out the paths that go straight at those goals. That’s congruency. That is the ability to make everything in your life point toward a single goal.

Generally, that’s what people who are black belts in life do. They are congruent with every single thing they do. Think about it. Write down below the things that you do that are congruent toward your goals, and you know, that you think would be helpful for anybody watching.

Do me a favor. Share this. Like it. If you’re watching on YouTube, do me a favor and subscribe. If you are listening to this on iTunes or Google Play, thank you for listening. If you haven’t listened to our podcast, Black Belt Tips, then I highly recommend you do. It’s a lot lighter than the stuff I talk about in the mini-cast. It is a martial arts based podcast, so we talk about martial arts movies, UFC, MMA, just everything in the world, plus just kind of everyday chat. It’s a great podcast. A lot of people who aren’t martial artists write us in all the time saying how much they love it.

Guys, I’m Bill Jones. This has been your Black Belt Tips mini-cast number four, Congruence. Get everything pointed the way you want it. I’m out.

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