• Julie R. , Top Level Martial Arts Testimonials

    I am so grateful a friend shared their experience with us about Top Level. I wasn't sure what Ju Jitsu was. My 5 year old has learned exactly what respect, discipline, integrity, courage, and focus are. We are so grateful because the skills he learns in his Ju Jitsu classes carry over into his home and school life. They even teach and role play about how to deal with a bully. The teachers are wonderful with the kids. You can tell the effectiveness of Mr. Jones and his staff just by observing how his students carry themselves. I highly recommend this school for any child.

    Julie R.
  • Carl W. , Top Level Martial Arts Testimonials

    These guys are great. They offer great instruction from beginner to advanced. The atmosphere is extremely welcoming. No EGO. They do great classes for adults. I've showed up early and their classes for kids are so well run. The kids are engaged and having a blast. Highly recommend these guys for any age group. If you want to get in shape, defend yourself, or are just interested in learning more stop on by.

    Carl W.
  • Jim S. , Top Level Martial Arts Testimonials

    I joined because my son wanted me to work out with him. I was skeptical because of my age and being out of shape. The instructors and fellow students made us feel welcome and encouraged us both. I have found that I enjoy it so much I go when my son is in school and then again with my him after school. Great experience, and would recommend it, not only for your kids, but for yourself as well!

    Jim S.
  • Christopher C. , Top Level Martial Arts Testimonials

    I needed to find a dojo that offered classes during the day as my evenings are taken up by my job, other obligations, and being a new dad. TLMA has the most flexible schedule of any martial arts school in the area. That would have been enough for me, but the school ended up exceeding every one of my expectations. The instructors are knowledgeable, personable and fun; and I have yet to meet a student who isn't helpful and welcoming. The culture and community are just wonderful. Training here has become one of the highlights of my day.

    Christopher C.
  • Heather W. , Top Level Martial Arts Testimonials

    I have 3 children at Top Level. It has been a wonderful experience for them and Me! The flexibility of the schedule is very helpful with our busy schedules and large family. THE STAFF IS WONDERFUL! My children, 11 and 8 year old twins, love going. It has helped with focus and most importantly keeps them active. We have been with Top Level for aver 9 months and don't plan on leaving anytime soon!.

    Heather W.
  • Lyndsie S. , Top Level Martial Arts Testimonials

    My 6 year old was shy, unsure, and unfocused before he started at Top Level Martial Arts just 3 short months ago. Now, I receive emails from his teachers at school saying that he's "shining" in class and he was recently recognized as Student of the Month. The staff is absolutely incredible. They're shaping their students to be disciplined, respectful, and courageous human beings, which is what this world needs. I would recommend Top Level Martial Arts to anyone!

    Lyndsie S.
  • Joe D. , Top Level Martial Arts Testimonials

    Had a lot of fun in my first class. everyone including the owner was very friendly and welcoming. felt great after class, great workout. if you have any interest for you or a friend, just stop in and take advantage of the intro offers. youll be hooked!

    Joe D.
  • Chad R. , Top Level Martial Arts Testimonials

    I personally love the place. And as soon as my son turns 5 years old I'm going to sign him up as well. Great adult class and instruction and instructors. They focus on self defense as well as competition. Just learning all the self defense techniques makes me want to teach others the stuff I learn. The kids classes are the best I ever seen. They don't only teach your child Jiu jitsu but also life skills which I find extremely important in raising your child. Can't say enough good things about Top Level Martial Arts!!

    Chad R.
  • Ron C. , Top Level Martial Arts Testimonials

    On the one year anniversary of beginng my jiu-jitsu journey I sit to write this review. For thirty years I have been involved in the martial arts to some degree and I can truly say I found a home. The instruction is Top Level and classes are appropriate for all ages and skill levels. The journey begins with the individual, but you are not alone. I highly recommend taking time to check it out, the only regret would be an opportunity missed.

    Ron C.
  • Carl W. , Top Level Martial Arts Testimonials

    Great place for BJJ! Instruction is thorough and everyone is very welcoming. Whether you've done martial arts before or never even seen a mat this is the place for you. I highly recommend Top Level BJJ for anyone interested in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, getting in shape, or looking for a community of welcoming people.

    Carl W.


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